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What’s Right with America

Returning for another week, we welcomed back Brother Mark Abney. Brother Mark preached from Psalm 33:12 in his sermon titled “What’s Right with America”. Brother Mark reminded us of the Christian foundation of... READ MORE

Welcome to the Calhoun Baptist Church Web Site!

Thank you for taking interest in the Calhoun Baptist Church in Calhoun, MO. Come and worship with us! Calhoun Baptist Church is a church community full of loving and caring individuals whom wish to worship God together as a family.

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  • Hell defended amid National Geographic's challenge

    Responding to a challenge explained by National Geographic, proponents of the view that Hell is a place of eternal conscious torment have defended their perspective as biblical and historical.<br>
  • 'Left Behind' author Tim LaHaye dies at 90

    Tim LaHaye, author of the bestselling Left Behind novels who helped stir a national interest in end-times prophecy, died today (July 25) of a stroke. He was 90.<br>
  • United Methodists elect first openly gay bishop

    The United Methodist Church's (UMC) Western Jurisdiction unanimously elected the denomination's first openly lesbian bishop on July 15, going against the UMC's official stance on homosexuality.
  • Severe injuries teach what's 'really important'

    Laura Spradlin, now back on the basketball court after suffering life-threatening injuries, reflects, "When I almost died, I learned what was really important." <br>
  • FIRST-PERSON: They need an invitation

    You never know who may be in a worship service and how they might be stirred by the sermon, evangelism professor Ernest Easley writes. The invitation to turn to Christ should be "prayed through and prepared for as much as the message itself," Easley, a former pastor, writes.<br>

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  • Sheol and the afterlife

    cemetery-690934_1280Questions of the afterlife: Is there conscious existence beyond the grave? Do the wicked really suffer forever in hell? Should you believe in ghosts?
  • Four Missouri churches minister in Haiti

    Pathway photo courtesy Casey Funk
PIGNON, Haiti – Riley Funk of Fellowship Baptist Church in Neosho works helps lead a VBS for children in an orphanage.“As Americans, in our country or throughout the world, we can worry and fret about economy, poverty, government corruption, or healthcare but only one thing is needed,” she said. “Jesus. He is the answer to it all.”
  • Burfordville Baptist Church dives into VBS

    BURFORDVILLE – Girls enjoy craft time at Burfordville Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School here earlier this summer. Photos courtesy of Burfordville Baptist Church.Burfordville Baptist Church and Bryon Kindle are seeing evidence of the Spirit of God. In the last two months, they have seen eleven adults & children come to know Jesus.

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