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  • SBC Chaplain Commission marks 75th Anniversary

    In the months leading up to the United States' involvement in World War II, the Home Mission Board established a chaplaincy committee to endorse the work of military chaplains and verify their efforts as sanctioned by the association where they served. That was 75 years ago July, 1941.
  • SCOTUS marriage ruling sparked year of ministry

    When the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide one year ago this month, Southern Baptist Convention entities and cooperating Baptist state conventions sprung to action to help pastors and churches navigate the new cultural milieu.
  • Court's order 'great concern' for religious liberty

    The U.S. Supreme Court has dealt a setback to religious freedom and prompted a warning from three of its members. The high court announced Tuesday (June 28) it would not consider an appeal by pro-life pharmacists of a lower court decision they argued violates their First Amendment, free-exercise-of-religion rights.
  • NAAF exec. dir. embraces diverse body of churches

    African Americans are uniquely positioned to affect societal change as members of the Southern Baptist Convention and should become fully involved in SBC life, newly hired National African American Fellowship Executive Director Dennis Mitchell told Baptist Press.
  • Blog spotlights 'evergreen' evangelism principles

    Southern Baptist pastors looking to equip their churches in evangelism have a new tool to employ. The North American Mission Board has launched a blog to bring attention to "evergreen" principles that are working in some of the most evangelistic Southern Baptist churches in North America.
  • FIRST-PERSON: Modesty – beyond the fig leaves

    "Modesty isn't a list of rules; it is a reflection of our hearts," Jessica Pigg notes. Modesty may be an out-of-style word that makes people cringe, she writes. But: Dressing modestly "acknowledges the beauty and power of femininity. It doesn't mean you're ashamed of your body. Modesty is simply valuing what has value."

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  • ‘Forgotten’ mark young couple’s ministry

    NAMB Photo
SACATON, Ariz. – Eric Gibbs (left) baptizes a new member of Cockleburr Ethne Church, a church plant on the Tohono O’odham Nation reservation in Arizona.“We are an ordinary family that God has called to carry out an extraordinary mission,” he said. “We are missionaries called to live and serve among the Native American tribes in Arizona."
  • Born This Way? MBTS prof critiques the science of homosexuality

    bornthiswayMidwestern Seminary Ethicist Alan Branch attempts to knock down the wall between Christians pointing to the Bible and those who point to science as proof people are "born this way" with his new book, "Born this Way? Homosexuality, Science and the Scriptures."
  • Court strikes down abortion provider regulations

    baby-428395_1280The U.S. Supreme Court struck down efforts to hold abortion providers responsible for the protection of women who use their services. The ruling "stands on the wrong side of justice, the wrong side of human dignity, and the wrong side of the Gospel," said Russell Moore, president of the ERLC.

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